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I've wandered back home

2016-10-06 22:42:08 by Awesomkia

I need to get active on new grounds again. Its been far too long.


2014-04-01 08:25:12 by Awesomkia

I hate being a negative guy (basically I hate myself) but after registering for my classes for next semester I'm really just dreading life right now.

Animation practice

2014-03-26 14:38:58 by Awesomkia

Its time for me to get serious (cough cough) about this animation thing ive been playing with since 9th grade.


2014-03-24 12:34:16 by Awesomkia


Forgetting can save your life.

2014-03-03 12:05:41 by Awesomkia

I was going to kill myself today, but then I forgot.


2013-11-17 15:45:13 by Awesomkia


My Ass

2013-05-10 20:00:58 by Awesomkia

My ass itches.

Back to work...again

2013-03-12 23:25:59 by Awesomkia

I've been on Newgrounds for going on 2 years now. It's time that I put out some serious work and get some recognition.

Dammit Newgrounds

2012-09-16 11:40:58 by Awesomkia

they took away like 1000 points and 20 games on my medals. That sucks

Fuck the Police

2012-09-14 18:28:00 by Awesomkia





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